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MANI’s history has been dedicated to successful R&D activities. Our original micro-machining technology and the related unique control system contribute to improved reliability and have been widely adopted in the medical field across the globe.

Main Technologies

Microfabrication Technology

Enlarged photo of eyeless needle hole

Enlarged photo of
eyeless needle hole

In 1976, five years after the start of research, we became the first in the world to produce eyeless needles using laser beam drilling technology. The bonding technique, whereby the suture thread is inserted and bonded to the needle hole, makes damage to the tissues less likely and enables exceptionally smooth penetration.

・Laser microfabrication technology
・Micro-blade grinding technology
・Suture attachment technology
・Micro-press processing
・Edge processing technology
・Extra-fine material curve
 processing technology
・Extra-fine forging technology
・Extra-fine material cutting
・Extra-fine metal centerless
 processing technology
・Extra-fine metal pyramid
 grinding technology
・Extra-fine metal pyramid
 twisting technology
・Extra-fine metal helical
 grinding technology
・Barb processing technology
・Abrasive grain electrodeposition
・Staple processing technology
 for medical treatment
・Micro heat-treatment technology

Metal Material Technology

Standard stainless steel (Other company)

Standard stainless steel


MANI hard -fiber stainless steel

We pursued opposing qualities such as toughness and hardness to create our original material, MANI hard-fiber stainless steel. By adding our original "seisen" process to 18-8 stainless steel, we were able to develop flexible and corrosion-resistant needles.

・Metallic structure control
・Fiber structure control technology
・Metallic composition (element)
 control technology
・Metallic surface treatment
・Extra-fine material hardness
 control technology
・Work hardening control
・Stainless steel heat-treatment
・Stainless steel residual stress
 removal technology
・Stainless steel-carbide welding

Testing and Evaluation Technology

Test & Evaluation Technology

We develop testing and evaluation machines in addition to forming machines in order to draw maximum benefit from the material characteristics and original technologies arising out of our accumulated research results. With this original testing and evaluation technology, we pursue "the best quality in the world".

・Image processing inspection
・Penetration performance
 evaluation technology
・Helical shape inspection
・Wire bending test technology
・Ductility test technology
・Sterilization evaluation technology
・Press/bending technology

Other Technologies

・Extra-fine material conveying
・Marking technology
・Masking technology
・Abrasive grain (grain size)
 control technology
・Insert molding and joint
・Superelastic alloy processing
・Aseptic wrapping technology
・Antifriction coating technology
・Knife sharpening technology
・Flexibility improvement
・Penetration, suturing, ligating
 and related technology
・Suture needle, suture, and
 device technology
・Endodontic instrument tool
・Rotary cutting instrument

Patent InformationPrint

As indicated in our Basic Management Policy "Ensuring future profit with a law-abiding spirit and creative technologies", we endeavor to obtain patents and to safeguard the associated rights. We aim to obtain patents strategically and aggressively especially in the Asian region, focusing on quality rather than quantity of patents.

Patent Acquisition Status

Number of patent obtained

Number of patents obtained
(As of Aug. 2021)
(including 390 overseas patents)

Number of patents pending
(As of Aug. 2021)
(including 125 overseas patents)